Monday, April 9, 2012

Harvest Monday: 4/9/12 (first harvest of 2012!!)

Hooray!  I have something to harvest!  These are overwintered veggies that I foraged from my garden.  Some were not planned but happened by serendipity.  

These were my Walla Walla onions grown from seed last winter.  They did not fare as well in containers as I had planned.  I thought the project was a bust but lo and behold, I found some perfect looking bulbs this spring.  

These were the volunteer Swiss chard and spinach I found.  I pulled all of the spinach plants.  I'm not certain what type they are but they maybe Olympia spinach.  I needed to prep the beds.  I wasn't so eager to pull the Swiss chard plants since they were coming along so well and larger than the seedlings I had just planted.  I decided to spare them and see what happens.  I'll work around the plant while prepping the bed.

I pulled some scraggly looking Bull's Blood Beets and some Large American Flag Leeks.  The beets and leeks were planted last fall.  The 3 leeks on the left were planted out last fall.  I'm amazed at how big they got.  I harvested the 3 largest leeks for a recipe I'm trying out.  The other 2 very small leeks there were planted last spring next to celery.  The poor things got invaded by the larger celery plant.  I decided to pulled those today also.       

After the beets were cleaned, I weighed them.  They cleaned up pretty well!  I will probably roast these for a salad.  Yummy!

These were the leeks after they were washed and tops and bottoms trimmed.  Not to bad.  These will go into making a barley risotto recipe I've been wanting to try.

Harvest Totals (I love saying that!!):
- beets = 0.56 lb
- leeks = 0.7 lb
- chard = 0.14 lb
- spinach = 0.14 lb
- onions = 0.6 lb

Happy Harvest to you!!  Linking to Daphne's Dandelions.


Mac said...

Congrats on your first harvest of the year!
Glad to see you back in action again. Those are lovely leeks, did you "hill" up the soil?
I didn't have much success in the past, I should give leeks more time since they are so slow.

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

wow! that's a great harvest!! The beets are huge!

Norma Chang said...

Love garden volunteers. I noticed some giant red mustard volunteers coming up few days ago in one corner of my garden.
Nice beets and leeks.

Liz said...

I harvested leeks this week too, and have planted more but I always wonder if its worth it as they are so slow. Taste great though and I love the idea of a barley risotto.

Mary Hysong said...

Those are some nice looking beets & leeks; isn't it fun to find a surprise in the garden!

Ben Czajkowski said...

yay beets!

Shannan Deshazer said...

Wow, now THAT is a winter harvest!

Daphne said...

I always love when I get surprise vegetables. Yum.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a great harvest! I have some carrots that over wintered and are just delicious! Your beets are so big and your leeks look great!

~Holly~ said...

mac: Thank you!! I actually forgot about the leeks so there was no "hilling up". I planted them at the end of summer and haven't been outside to check on them since. Luckily they turned out tender enough.

charmcity: Thank you! I hope the beets are tasty too!

norma: Garden volunteers are natures treats! Oooh giant red mustards in your garden. Lucky!!

liz: I loved that I planted them and virtually forgot about them. If you're interested, I posted the recipe for the barley risotto.

mary: Thank you! I love garden surprises!

ben: YEAH!!

shannan: I'm glad I was about to harvest something!

daphne: I'm so glad I got some surprises in the garden this year. I was really feeling bummed about not starting seeds this year.

manuela: Lucky you with carrots!