Sunday, December 11, 2011

Restaurant Ramblings: Babystacks Cafe (Summerlin, Nevada)

We found a new family favorite breakfast spot in Las Vegas!  Well, technically it's not actually in Las Vegas.  It's in Summerlin which is a suburb in Vegas.  While checking out restaurant recommendations that were kid friendly, I came across Babystacks Cafe.  What caught my eye were the Hawaiian twists on breakfast.  Take for instance menu items such as "Rick's Adobo Friend Rice" and "Loco Moco" and "Kalua Eggs Benedict".  Sounds worth investigating.  

Babystacks is a little out of the way but maybe well worth it for breakfast or brunch.  Notice the sign says Babycakes.  They're in the middle of a company name change.

The menu is pretty extensive.  There's a nice selection of breakfast and lunch items.  They're known for the pancakes so that's what I ended up ordering.

I got the short stack (3 pancakes) Red Velvet Pancakes.  It's served with a dusting of chocolate, a dollop of whipped cream and a side of a cream cheese concoction that's delicious!!

Other pancakes our family tried were the  Chocolate chip pancakes (rated yummy by my niece) and the Strawberry pancakes (comes with a yummy strawberry puree).  The pancakes and Cora's Corned Beef Hash and Eggs were a hit.  The Loco Moco was described as "ehhh".  Apparently the hamburger patties needed more flavor.  The Huevos Rancheros was also just "ok".  Order the pancakes people!  There's about 12 different flavors on the menu!

If you're ever in Las Vegas and looking for a break from the normal breakfast/brunch places, check out Babystacks!

Babystacks Cafe
2400 N Buffalo Drive, Suite 145
Summerlin, NV 89128
ph: (702) 541-6708


Wendy said...

oh my gosh - red velvet pancakes?! i love any breakfast joint. The ones with the Hawaiian spins sounds fantastic.