Monday, October 3, 2011

Starfruit and Kauai's Fruit Seasons

I'm visiting Kauai again for a friend's wedding.  It's the end of September, going into October so no mangos or lychee.  There was starfruit though!  Starfruit is also known as carambola and is found in tropical regions of the world.  

They're pretty when cut and resemble stars.  The fruit is crunchy and sweet with a hint of tart.  I had some for breakfast.  My dad dried some of the starfruit for snacking.    
When I arrived on Kauai, I grabbed a "Kauai Dining in Paradise" magazine at the airport.  I like to browse while I'm at home because restaurants sometimes come and go on the island.  There was an article in this issue titled "Fruit of the Garden Isle".  The article starts like this:

"When is your aunt arriving from New York?" I asked a friend recently.  "The middle of mango season!" she replied.  That meant June, July or August, probably not November, December or January.  Had she said "papayas", a year-round crop, the answer would have been meaningless.  But mango season or lychee season -- that's a different story.  

It's funny how people in Hawaii relate our "seasons" to various fruits available.  In Hawaii we don't have a spring, summer, fall or winter.  We have mango season, lychee season, etc.  The article went on to talk about some of the fresh fruits available on the island.

If you want to plan a trip to Hawaii according to our fruit seasons, here's some help:

Fruit seasons depend on unpredictable factors, such as weather, but here are some guidelines on what's peaking when.
- Papayas and Pineapple: perennial but best in the summer
- Mangoes: April-end of October, peaking in June, July and August
- Lychees: June-July with some stragglers in August
- Longan: August-early October
- Bananas: year round
- Rambutan: October-November, but some varieties are available year round (depending on rainfall)

Personally, I'm a mango and lychee girl.  See you in Hawaii when it's in season!


scrapper al said...

Thanks for the info. I better plan my next trip to the islands in June or July.

the red headed traveler said...

How neat! I finally had lychees this past summer (a sorbet recipe) and really liked them. I also had star fruit while in Costa Rica although it's definitely not sold in Pennsylvania. I am looking SO forward to all of the exotic fruits in Hawaii to try.

Why I garden... said...

So pretty presented on the platter!

~Holly~ said...

scrapper al: Yep, definitely during the summer so you'll have access to delicious island fruit!!

the red headed traveler: Mmm...lychee. My fav! I hope you get to try lots of good stuff on Maui!

why I garden: Thanks!! =0)