Sunday, October 16, 2011

Restaurant Rambling: Red Hills Market (Dundee, Oregon)

If you visit a winery on your trip to Portland, be sure to pack some lunch to enjoy at one of the area wineries.  Several wineries have beautiful patios or outside seating to enjoy the views.  Some of my favorite patios are at Domaine Serene, Anne Amie and Penner-Ash.  Don't worry, if you don't pack a lunch, stop by Red Hills Market and get lunch to go!  Buy a bottle of wine at the winery, sit back and enjoy the views!  

Red Hills Market is located in downtown Dundee, right off of Hwy 99 and 7th.  The market sells a beautiful collection of meats, cheeses, bottles of wine, beer and other specialty products.   

Order your lunch at the counter and choose whether to eat there or take your lunch to go.  They have amazing sandwiches, salads, soups and pizza.  There's a wood burning stove for baking pizza and they serve Stumptown Coffee.   
I decided to try the pizza because I was intrigued by the wood burning stove.  The pizza was fantastic.  The crust was crisp and delicious!  I had the American Coppa pizza (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & fresh basil) for $12.  I asked to add arugula and they did it for no extra charge!   

The pizza was delicious.  A little salty from the coppa but I loved the crust!  As a bonus, Red Hills Market sells Rx Missionary Chocolates.  Their truffles are delicious!!  This box contains 4 truffles for $15.  They had Meyer Lemon Explosion and Trailhead Espresso.  I chose the espresso.  Yum!   

Red Hills Market
115 SW 7th
Dundee, OR  97115
ph: (971) 832-8414


suburban veg gardener said...

What a lovely reminder! I visited Anne Amie in May this year on a trip to Oregon. A wonderful place with an amazing view from the terrace and home to some very tasty pinots!

the red headed traveler said...

This place sounds awesome and that pizza looked incredible, even at 8 AM I have a hankering for some.

Why I garden... said...

The red hills market looks super & looks a great place to eat.

Doc said...

We just drove through Dundee last week. Will have to return soon as this looks great.

Wendy said...

ooh, what a neat (literally and otherwise) little place. I think I'd love it.

~Holly~ said...

suburban veg gardener: Oh, I'm so glad you got to visit Anne Amie and Oregon!! You need to come back and visit again!

the red headed traveler: The pizza was delish! Haha!

why I garden: It's a great little stop in the middle of a small town!

Doc: I hope you return. It's probably about time for the grape leaves to change to a magnificent gold!! Pretty!!

Wendy: I think you would love it!