Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ishihara Market (Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii)

Ishihara Market is a small grocery store located in Waimea.  I've mentioned before that my favorite fish is akule.  My dad mentioned that Ishihara Market may have some so I was all over it.  We hopped in the truck and headed down to Ishihara to check if there was any akule.  

It was just my luck that they had a whole cooler full.  The cashier told us that it had come in that morning and were all line caught.  Excellent!!  We scooped up a few, bagged them up and took them home for dinner.  Yummy!!  Fried akule!
They also have a nice selection of plate lunches, sushi and different types of poke.  We got some roll sushi and poke to take home for dinner too.

I was going to recommend Ishihara's poke because it did taste good and the selection is pretty good, however, the poke we took home went bad in just 2 days.  By bad, I mean the fish turned a grey color and it smelled spoiled.  Old raw fish is an epic fail!!  Shame on Ishihara for not keeping the poke fresh.  

Ishihara Market
9890 Kahakai Road #A (right across the Waimea bridge on the way to Kekaha)
Waimea, Kauai, HI 96796
ph: (808) 338-9915


Doc said...

Did it.....loved it.

genkitummy said...

Wow! That looks like some fresh fish! Lucky you!

~Holly~ said...

doc: Hahaha! I knew you'd have done it already!

genkitummy: It was fresh off the boat that morning and delicious I might add!