Monday, September 5, 2011

Harvest Monday 9/5/11

Happy September!!  Wait, what?  September already??  Where did the summer go?  It's still summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  We've been having very warm weather.  I hope it gives the tomatoes one last push to ripen before the cold settles in.  

For the harvest, it's still been a mixed bag of goodies.  There's lots of colors to be found!  This harvest early in the week brought cucumbers (Lemon, Boston Pickling and Parisian), a few (and likely the last) Lebanese squash, strawberries (still) and peppers (Pepperoncini and Shishito).
I was able to pick my second Paul Robeson, lots of Glacier, Black Plum and Sungold Tomatoes. 

Second Paul Robeson tomato of the season
About mid-week, I did another picking of tomatoes.  This time there were Glaciers, one small Roma and lots of Black Plum and Sungolds.  Yummy!

On Sunday I made another tomato sweep.  More Black Plums, Glaciers and Sungolds.  But this time there was a surprise waiting for me...a small Kelloggs Breakfast.  It's the beautiful bright orange tomato.  I can't wait to taste this one.  I also picked whatever Pepperoncinis I could to pickle.  I forgot to weigh this harvest.  DOH!

This week's harvest totals: 
- strawberries = 0.23 lb
- zucchini = 0.76 lb
- cucumbers = 1.84 lb
- green beans = 0.46 lb
- peppers = 0.42 lb
- tomatoes = 3.79 lb
- basil = 0.07

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kitsapFG said...

Congratulations on the tomatoes coming along so nicely. Our little late season warm up in the pacific northwest is much appreciated by all the late growing summer crops. :D

Mac said...

Yay~~tomatoes are coming in, that Paul Robson mater looks beautiful.

Linda said...

What riches, Holly. All these gorgeous tomato varieties.