Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday 8/24/11

It's been a while since I photographed wildlife in my garden. I'm not sure what kind of bug this is but it was long and green. It was just hanging out in the shade of a cucumber flower.

A little bee in midair.

A bee walking the tightrope.

The honeybees and bumblebees have been going crazy over the tomatillo flowers. The flowers and bees are plentiful this year.

I'm happy to say that they have also found my cucumber flowers and have been doing an excellent job at pollinating. I have lots and lots of cucumbers this year thanks to these little guys.


Rowena... said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some tomatillo harvests! Are they the green or purple ones?

the red headed traveler said...

Hmmm, the bug in the first picture creeps me out but love the tight rope shot!

becky3086 said...

I have tried to grow tomatillos a couple of times now and can never get them to sprout. I wish we had that many bees here. I hardly ever see one anymore.

~Holly~ said...

rowena: I have the green ones but the purples are really pretty. Maybe next year!

the red headed traveler: LOL! Yeah I know. He weirded me out when I spotted him too.

becky3086: I didn't have trouble with them sprouting. Next year I'll start them a little after the tomatoes though because they grew so quickly, that they were falling over before it was time to go outside. I hope bees come to visit you soon!