Monday, August 22, 2011

Pickle Palooza Finale

Oh my! Pickle Palooza has finally come to an end. It's only fitting that I not read through an entire recipe that I saved for the very last one. It's also fitting that the said recipe takes 3 days to complete. What the heck? Today I finally canned the Sweet Gherkins (the 3 day recipe). These better be the best tasting gherkins EVER!!

All 25 pounds of cucumbers have been chopped, brined, boiled and packed. Here is the end result.....5 different types of pickles and one pooped gal.

Note to self, next year plan better and enlist help. I'm sure 25 pounds goes a lot faster with more hands. More recipes to be posted later. Stay tuned.

Oh and most of these pickles need to sit for 3-4 weeks so I'll post an update later when I do the taste testing!!


Robin said...

Congrats on finishing all your pickling! Those gherkins should be great. I make them with the three day recipe too. My mother gave me an eight day recipe for gherkins! I've never tried that one though.

I usually let the pickles sit at least 6 weeks before trying them. They get better with age!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Oh wow. So many pickles to enjoy.Looks good.

scrapper al said...

Impressive! Enjoy.

~Holly~ said...

robin: Thanks! I'm so pickle pooped! LOL! I can't wait to see if the gherkins are all that and the 3 days it took! I know some people don't touch them until winter but I'm sure I won't last that long! haha!

MKG: 25 pounds worth!

scrapper al: Thanks!! Too bad you don't live closer...I'd share my bounty!