Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Pickle Marathon Begins...

A friend of mine laughed when I said I bought 25 pounds of cucumbers. That's a whole lotta cucumbers. That's nothing. While I was at the market on Sauvie's Island, one lady loaded about 150 pounds of cucumbers into her cart. Thank god I was there before her to get my cucumbers because she wiped them out. I am seriously not joking! She said to her friend, "We like pickles". Her friend laughed. She was making enough pickles to feed a small country!

I love pickles too. Just not 150 pounds worth! I've never made canned pickles before. I've made the easy Ball bread and butter pickles where the mix comes out of a packet and dilly green beans. This is my first time making cucumber pickles from scratch. My plan is to make small batches of different recipes and then taste them to see which ones I like.

So far, I've made dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, relish & a second bread and butter pickle batch. Mmm....pickles!! Anyone wanna be my pickle taste tester?


scrapper al said...

I would love to be your pickle taster!

~Holly~ said...

Come on over Arlyn!! I've got about 5 different kinds for you to try! =0)