Saturday, August 13, 2011


AHA!! Finally!! I picked my very first tomato of the 2011 season today. Granted, it was a small tomato, but it was still a red ripe tomato from my garden!! These are Glacier Tomatoes. They're small fruit (just a little larger than a golfball) and perfect for a salad.

Well my single tomato wasn't wasted on a salad. It was eaten with a touch of salt for breakfast.

Glacier is classified as an Ultra-Early Tomato (there's no such thing here in the Pacific NW!). It sets loads of small 2-3 oz. tomatoes in clusters. The plant is very productive and the fruit is sweet enough to know that it's homegrown but with a tomato tart. I see more ripening on the vine as we speak. I can't wait!!


Annie's Granny said...

YAY! Congratulations! The first one is always extra special.

meemsnyc said...

Congrats on your first tomato. My favorite way to eat maters is also sliced with sea salt. Delicious.

Shannan said...

Ha Ha!! I'm laughing because I would be that excited too when my first tomato ripens (hasn't happened yet)

My most likely contender will be my Roma plant that I planted on May 15 (!!). The tomatoes are yellowish currently :)

p3chandan said...

Congrats, happy for you, I know how you felt! Tomato with salt for bfast? Hmmmm...must try that!

Ben Czajkowski said...

I did a happy dance for you and your first tomato! :)

~Holly~ said...

annie's granny: Thanks! It was a pretty special breakfast! ;0)

meemsnyc: Thank you! I love how the sea salt brings out the flavor of tomatoes!

shannan: I hope your tomatoes ripen soon so you can do a happy dance too! Oh nice! You'll be making sauce in no time!

p3chandan: Thank you! Haha, I couldn't wait and had to taste it the next morning!!!

ben: Thank you!! I'm glad no one saw me do a happy dance in the yard!