Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/29/11

It's the last harvest of August and things are coming in fast and furious! The garden keeps on giving. It seems I am on constant surveillance for ripe fruits and veggies. I'm harvesting every other or every 3rd day. This week I made several harvests.

On Monday, it was this beautiful assortment of colorful treats. My tomatillo plants were getting so top heavy that they were falling over. I had to do quick tie-ups for the falling limbs. As a result, some not quite ripe fruit were harvest when they fell off the plant. Most of it was ripe though, resulting in 2.4 lbs. of tomatillos. More cucumbers, Glacier tomatoes and a little Konasu eggplant were also harvested.

I also decided to harvest my Borlotti beans. I had planned to dry them on the plant but I needed the space in the raised beds so I harvested what pods were ready. More photos further down. They really are beautiful and very photogenic! I also pulled some carrots. I pulled one Parisian carrot to see how big it was. Still not quite ready but very cute! More strawberries and Shishito and Italian Pepperoncini Peppers were ready to harvest.
Not only are the pods of the Borlotti beautiful, but the beans itself are also pretty.
On Monday I also decided to pull up all the Walla Walla onions that had been planted in the raised beds. Most were small bulbs (as they were blocked out by larger and faster growing veggies). The largest bulb was only about 3 inches across.
They are drying in my garage right now so they haven't been weighed yet.

Another harvest was done on Wednesday. Here are more cukes and my first Japanese Tasty Green Cucumber of the season. It's a a little odd shaped but I'm sure it's still tasty! More Sungold Tomatoes and Shishito and Jalapeno Peppers.

I picked more dried coriander this week also. I haven't gotten around to weighing these yet.

On Friday, I picked 2 good sized Ichiban Eggplant. A few more cucumbers were ripe. I'm loving the Lemon Cucumbers as a nice snack! More Shishito and Italian Pepperoncinis were collected. Also more tomatoes! This time it was Glaciers, Sungold and Black Plum.
Finally, on Sunday, I harvested some lettuce that looked like they were trying to bolt. A few more pepperoncinis were also picked. The big news however, was my first heirloom tomato of the year!! This was unexpected as I thought for sure it would be a Green Zebra. The Paul Robeson ripened out of nowhere.
Tada!! I can't wait to slice into this Paul Robeson!! Yummy!!

This week's harvest totals:
- cucumbers = 3.57 lb
- tomatoes = 3.1 lb
- eggplant = 0.67 lb
- tomatillo = 2.4 lb
- peppers = 0.86 lb
- strawberries = 0.36 lb
- herbs = 0.05 lb
- dried beans = 0.87 lb
- green beans = 0.28 lb
- carrots = 0.4 lb
- lettuce = 0.96 lb


Thomas said...

Great harvest! Those beans are beautiful. They look a lot like my Tongue of Fire beans. What will you do with them?

Allison at Novice Life said...

Great harvest! That tomato looks delicious!

Robin said...

You definitely have a nice variety in your harvests this week!

You are going to love that Paul Robeson tomato.....they are great tasting!

Shawn Ann said...

That is a very pretty tomato! Hope it tastes delicious! The beans are very pretty, they look similar to some of mine. You have a good harvest, lots of stuff! Looks good!

the red headed traveler said...

I'm not familiar with the Borlotti beans but what a neat and unique appearance. Very impressive on the harvest!

kitsapFG said...

Lots of different things in your harvest basket this week. Isn't it amazing how tomatoes seem to stay green forever - and then suddenly launch into ripeness practically overnight?

~Holly~ said...

Thomas: Thanks! Maybe they're the same? I don't know enough about these beans to know. Haha. I got these seeds in a trade. They're labeled Borlotti but I think they're also called Cranberry beans. I posted a recipe I tried them in.

Allison: Thanks! The first tomato of the season is always special!

Robin: I've grown these before and I agree with you. They taste great!!

Shawn Ann: It was delicious *burp*. What do you do with your beans?

the red headed traveler: They're very pretty. I think you can sometimes find them at farmer's markets. They're also very tasty!

kitsapFG: Yep. Tomatoes are sneaky. I'll have to keep a better eye on them!