Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/15/11

The garden continues to slowly push out a variety of treats! I harvested my first full sized Konasu Eggplant (it's a small variety). Just for comparison, it's next to a Parisian Pickling Cucumber (about 3 inches long) and a large strawberry.

This week, a few of the larger beets were harvested.
More raspberries were harvested mid-week. I think it's offically over for them...well, maybe. That's what I said last time.
Here's a mixture of green beans and Dragon's Tongue Beans, cucumbers, peas, cucumbers, peppers and a tomato.
Yep, you heard me right. My first tomato!!
Yesterday I picked a few more cucumbers and the last of the summer snow peas. I pulled out the pea plants.
I also harvested 1 head of lettuce, mizuna and some chomped up Baby Bok Choy. Seems the caterpillars love bok choy.
Yesterday I also pulled out my Swiss Chard plants. I'll reseed for the fall.

I finally harvested this celery plant. I thought it was two plants but no, it's really just one really enormous plant.
Here's what it weighed. Notice that I had to get out the bath scale to weigh this thing! 4.6 pounds of TLC!

More strawberries, cucumbers, strawberries and tomatillos were harvested.
The blueberries are ripening fast!

This week's totals:
- cucumbers = 1.15 lb
- eggplant = 0.2 lb
- tomato = 0.12 lb
- peppers 0.03 lb
- mixed berries = 1.21 lb
- beans = 0.5 lb
- peas = 0.11 lb
- bok choy = 0.76 lb
- mizuna = 0.51 lb
- lettuce = 0.28 lb
- Swiss chard = 1.28 lb
- tomatillo = 0.83 lb
- celery = 4.6 lb

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Ben Czajkowski said...

AAAH! Those are beets? I thought that was some Alien life form, come to take over the gar---Yes, I'm weird. :)

Looks like a great harvest this week for you, Holly. Congratz!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wow you are so lucky to have continuous raspberries harvest. Your celery is a giant! Look so good to munch!So many variety of harvest.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Your beets are gorgeous and wow, that is one huge celery plant :)

foodgardenkitchen said...

Very nice and varied harvest for the week! The chard plants look great.

Mac said...

Berry envious as always.

Robin said...

What a great harvest week for you! Those beets are really beautiful! I can't believe that you are still getting raspberries from the plant!

Mr. H. said...

That's on heck of a nice celery plant you have I have never heard of a Parisian pickling cucumber before...kind of neat looking, I'll have to look them up.

Chuck said...

great looking harvest!

(you should make your blog wider to accompany bigger pics. it's less than half the width of the whole page)

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

so colorful and beautiful harvest! The celery is huge!! I started some chards for the fall, hopefully they will grow before winter hits:)

Wendy said...

Great harvests! That little eggplant is a perfect miniature version of the larger one. It was hard to gain the perspective at first - a giant strawberry or a tiny perfect eggplant?!

~Holly~ said...

ben: Haha, be careful or my beets will get you! Thanks!

MKG: Yep, the raspberries were very productive this year. I hope I can repeat my luck next year!

allison: Thanks! I know right? That celery was ginormous!

foodgardenkitchen: Thank you!

mac: You don't have to be berry envious for long. I think we're all done! ;0)

robin: Thank you! I know, my raspberry was on steroids!

Mr. H: It's usually picked small for pickling and for cornichons.

chuck: I'm not sure how to do that. I'll look into it.

charmcitybalconygarden: I hope your chard does well! They're delicious and good producers!

wendy: Cute eh? It's a tiny eggplant.