Monday, August 1, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/1/11

Finally! I have a little more interesting things to harvest this week. Early in the week, I harvested one of my celery plants and some parsley to make this delicious Chicken Stock. I used more celery later to make soup with the stock. It was soooo good!
Yes, you guessed it. More mixed berries this week. I harvested twice this week. There's still been small amounts of blueberries, raspberries and small strawberries. The raspberries are trickling off but what a harvest this year! The blueberries are a just getting ripe. The smaller strawberries are being followed by some larger ones. I love berry season in the Pacific NW!!
This week I harvested some basil. This is a mixture of Lemon Basil, Large Leaf Italian Basil and Sweet Basil.
This week I also harvested another round of kale. To the left is the Lacinato Kale and to the right is the Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale. I made a yummy Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad with the Lacinato Kale and will likely saute the Curled Kale.
Some exciting news this week....CARROTS! I finally pulled my carrots this week. I planted mini varieties. Some were weird and mis-shapened, some were small, but among these are some perfect carrots! Sorry for the dirt but I was so excited. Besides, I think it looks rustic!
More news this week....TOMATILLOS! Now this is my first year growing them and I've been finding conflicting information on when to harvest. Some say when the husk turned a brownish color and tears and some say when the fruit just fills out the husk (before breaking through). I picked some of both to sample. My first harvest is 4 whole tomatillo.
Here's one that's broken through the husk.
Also not photographed this week was small harvests of peas and green beans.

This week's harvest totals:
- Parsley: 0.13 lb
- Celery 1.08 lb
- Mixed Berries 0.51 lb
- Kale 1.53 lb
- Beans 0.03 lb
- Peas 0.03 lb
- Carrots 1.16 lb
- Basil 0.08 lb
- Tomatillos 0.39 lb

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Ben Czajkowski said...

Things I've never had good luck with: tomatillo. Congratz on getting a great harvest week!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Nice harvest. Those carrot are cute, enjoy:).

Daphne said...

That kale looks so nice. I'm gong to be planting mine in about a week. Then it is a long wait until they get big enough to eat.

Rowena... said...

So fun to see your tomatillo! I've always picked them as soon as they break through the husk, which oddly enough is when the husks start getting brownish. I still have about a pint from last year sitting in the freezer so I didn't put them into the ground this year. Love tomatillos!

~Holly~ said...

Ben: They're actually fairly easy to grow. Just be sure to grow more than one plant. I read that they're semi-sterile grown as a single plant. My main problem now is them falling over. Yikes! Too heavy with fruit!

MKG: Thanks! Yeah they're mini and so cute!

Daphne: I agree. The moths are enjoying my spring kale now. It might be time to pull them and replant!

Rowena: Thanks for the tomatillo tip! They're so yummy!