Saturday, August 6, 2011

Farmer's Market: 8/6/11

Today I met some friends over at the Beaverton Farmer's Market. I was only planning on getting some peaches and tomatoes.

I ended up with a 1/2 flat of blackberries and raspberries. Since my container raspberry plant had slowed down, I'm left wanting more. 2 raspberry pints are the same variety I'm growing (Meeker). The Meekers are really sweet and I've been very happy with them. Another pint are Cascade which are also good tasting and are larger berries (bottom left corner). I'm normally not a big blackberry fan. I think it's the large seeds. However, after trying a sample of these blackberries, I was sold!! They are very sweet! I bought 3 pints!

Once again, I just can't stay away from the delicious Cherokee Purple tomatoes. They had other heirloom varieties but these are one of my favorites. I'm drooling just thinking of the BLT I'm going to make for lunch!

I ended up getting some Padron Peppers. They were spendy ($4 for a pint). I picked my first peppers of the year but they were just 5 Shishito peppers. It's seems like a lot of work to cook just 5 peppers so I decided to get the Padron, as I will cook them all the same way.

More peaches! This time they were all out of the Sweet Sue (one of my favorites). This time they had Rich Lady Peaches. These are sweet but have a tart to them. I *heart* peach season!

To round off my Farmer's Market shopping, I got 2 rolls from Grand Central Baking. These will be perfect for all of the BLTs and tomato sandwiches I plan on having!


takaeko said...

I've never seen the purple tomatoes,,,.
The color is cool!
Does the peach on your blog has white flesh? White peach (白桃/Hakuto) is found in a local store in my place and I enjoyed cold white peach with my family.

Rowena... said...

With all this lovely stash, you make me want to go to the next farmer's market and stock up on goodies. Cherokee purples rule, and now that you mention blt's....I better put bacon on the shopping list now!

Ali said...

Oh those purple cherokee look fabulous! I have some teeny tiny seedlings on the go, I hope they grow up to be like these!

~Holly~ said...

takaeko: The Cherokee Purples are a delicious heirloom slicing tomato! I've grown them for several years now. I just haven't had a ripe one from my own garden yet! These peaches are yellow but we do have some later in the season that was white.

rowena: LOL! I love the farmer's markets! I'm sure you have some lovely stuff at your markets too!! Oh yes, can't forget the bacon!!

Ali: I hope your Cherokees produce well for you. Mine have green fruit on them....just waiting!!