Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall Planting of Onions and Leeks

Today I finally pulled out my spring onions to make room for my fall crops. There were a lot of small bulbs. The largest was just 3 or 3 1/2 inches across. These were onions planted in the raised beds but they were blocked out by larger plants. The one large planting of Walla wallas I had were almost completely bullied by the celery plants they had as neighbors. The container onions did not fair well either (I forgot to pull those).

I'm trying something different for my fall planting. This is an area on the side of the house that is crappy clay soil. It also gets only partial sun. I realize it's not the best conditions for growing onions and leeks but it's the best I can do this season. My raised bed spaces are already spoken for. I composed with some chicken manure and mixed it in well. It's about a 1 1/2 foot deep by 5 foot wide plot. The leeks are planted in the back and Walla walla onions in the front. We'll see how they like their new home.

We'll just call it what it experiment.


Shannan said...

I planted walla wallas all along my raised beds and they did great. I seriously just planted them all in a line right next to the edging. Some were small, but most were really large and tasty. Good luck with your experiment!

Ben Czajkowski said...

Good luck! See you in six months ;)

Rowena... said...

You are several steps ahead of me on fall planting. All I've got penciled in are garlic and tulips. I want to be able to harvest my own scapes!

~Holly~ said...

shannan: Glad to hear your onions did well. My raised beds are narrow. I tried to plant some along the edges and they did okay but eventually get shaded out by faster growing veggies. I hope this experiment works but I doubt it due to their location in partial sun.

ben: Cross your fingers for me!

rowena: Glad to hear someone say I'm ahead. I feel like I'm soooo behind for fall. I bought a bunch of starters since I'm afraid I'm behind. Scapes sound delicious!!