Friday, August 12, 2011

Cucumber Tasting

This week I tasted my first home grown cucumbers of the season. I have been picking Parisian Pickling Cucumbers here and there but have been saving them up to make pickles. This is my first year growing these guys so I've never tasted them before. I didn't notice this one cucumber so it got a little big before I finally picked it. I decided it would be the one I tasted.

I picked my first Lemon Cucumber this week (I've grown these for a few years now) and decided to slice into these two guys and give them a taste.

The Lemon Cucumber was sweet and delicious. Even my cat liked it (don't ask...she eats the weirdest vegetables!). The Parisian Pickling's skin was a little bitter in some spots. Not too bad but I think I'll really pick them smaller so I can pickle them.

Ahh....a taste of summer (in mid-august!!!).


meemsnyc said...

I've never tasted a lemon cuke before. I'll have to try to grow these!

the red headed traveler said...

I've never heard of a lemon cucumber before reading your post but wow, how neat a vegetable it is! Learn new things every day.

And that's too funny about your cat!

~Holly~ said...

meemsnyc: You'll have to try growing these. I grow them every year. They're my favorite snack cucumber because of their size, shape and taste.

the red headed traveler: You should try them. They're great!! My cat loves the weirdest things...broccoli, peaches, corn, cucumbers... Hahaha.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Oh how I wish for cucumbers! Yours look so crispy and juicy. YUM! I wanna have a go with lemon cucumber next summer hopefully.

Ben Czajkowski said...

I'm going to look around for some Lemon cukes, in the coming weeks. I'd like to try them. I've seen them elsewhere, and always seems to enjoy them.

~Holly~ said...

MKG: You'll be enjoying summer crops before you know it...and I'll be the one looking at your photos and longing for a juicy cucumber! I hope you find some lemon cucumbers! They really are a tasty treat!

Ben: I hope you also find some lemon cucumber plants. They're an heirloom and I've grown them year after year because I love them as a snack.