Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Cucumbers

This year I'm growing 4 types of cucumbers in the garden. This one is 3 plants of Boston Pickling Cucumbers.

These are 4 plants of Lemon Cucumber. I love these for snacks. The novelty of the color and shape are a bonus too. I've grown these for several years now and they never disappoint!

I have 2 Parisian Pickling Cucumber plants. This is my first year growing these. I'm loving these for pickles. The cucumbers stay very crispy and crunchy. I'll definitely add these to my lineup for next year!

I also have 1 Japanese slicing cucumber called Tasty Green. This is a great slicer!

What about you? What types of cucumbers are you growing? What are your go-to types?


scrapper al said...

I grow Japanese cucumbers every year and sometimes I grow English or Armenian cucumbers. This year, I got maybe a dozen cucumbers from 4 Japanese cucumber plants so it wasn't a good growing year for me. :( I'm still looking for the perfect cucumber.

Why I garden... said...

Good to see your cucumber plants and what stage they are. I've been growing a bush variety and next year might try the vine variety. Kelli

~Holly~ said...

scrapper al: I've never tried the Armenian cucumbers but I've seen both the seeds and fruit sold everywhere. Sorry about your Japanese cukes. I only have 1 Japanese cucumber plant that survived and so far it's been very very slow! Only 1 fruit from it so far and it was misshappened. I'm hoping it decides to give me a few more.

kelli: I've never seen the bush variety. I hope it does well for you!