Saturday, August 20, 2011

96 degrees in the shade

Today was the first day this year that Portland hit 90 degrees. It's been a rather unusual summer for us. What did I do in the 90 degree weather? I went peach picking! As if the 25 pounds of cucumbers weren't enough.

Some friends and I drove out to Hillsboro to Jossy Farms.  It has been a rough year for peaches in Oregon. Most farms only had a small crop. I got an email saying the Jossy peaches were finally ready. They would be open at 9am and likely be picked out by noon. 

We arrived at 9:30am and the farm was full of eager peach pickers. No ladders were required. These were dwarf trees.  We picked Vivid peaches and it was quick picking. I ended up with 34 pounds of peaches.

Yes, you heard right. 34 pounds. They were $1 per pound. I'll eat some of the ripe peaches now and make a dessert. I'll let some of the other  peaches ripen and can them. I loved the peaches I canned last year!

Looks like after pickle duty, I'll be on peach duty! *sigh*


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sounds fun peach picking. I hope I can find farm that does peach picking. We missed out apple picking this year because we were busy during that time.

Rowena said...

We barely hit 89° today and lately I've been hurrying to get all house task done in the morning so that I can chill out in the afternoon. cool is that! We've been stuffing our faces silly although I wouldn't know what specific types of peaches are being sold at the supermarket. Plum and peach season in full swing - yum!

~Holly~ said...

MKG: This was my first time picking peaches. It was really easy (they were small dwarf trees). I want to go apple picking!

Rowena: I've been stuffing my face too. With 34 lbs, there's lots to go around. Most of these are huge suckers too! Softball sized (near a pound).