Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday 7/13/11

Here are a few (hopefully) friends in the garden this week. This spider was making a home on a tomatillo bud.

Here's a little wasp or bee. I hope he's a good guy!
It's hard to see these but I found some eggs on the underside of my eggplant leaves. I wasn't sure what the were but I was really hoping they were ladybug eggs. They were oval shaped and orange. I checked back every few weeks to see what hatched. Hooray for ladybug larvae!
They look very different from the ladybugs we're used to. I'm glad I recognized them as good guys! Here's one snacking on an aphid. Hooray!!
Here's another one napping in the nasturtium blooms.

What wildlife do you have in your garden?


Mr. H. said...

Very interesting, I was not sure about what ladybug eggs looked like, I will keep this in mind. Your other bug might be a sweat bee...they are good pollinators.

Ben Czajkowski said...

I seem to have attracted a ton of sweat bees here in Baltimore. They have been solely responsible for my dozens of tomatoes.

Okay, I can't verify that :)

~Holly~ said...

Mr.H-Look for clusters of yellow oval shaped eggs on the underside of leaves. I was happy to find several egg clusters this year. Hooray for ladybugs! Oh thanks for the ID on the bee. I'm glad they're good pollinators!

ben-Good for you and your sweat bee population! Haha, at least they're getting the job done!