Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seriously?? Seriously??

Okay I'm a little irritable today. I watered my garden this morning and noticed 2 out of 3 melon plants looked droopy and knocking on death's door. Did I over or under water? Did they get too much sun?

Then I noticed a pile of dirt near them. What the heck? There was no obvious entry/exit hole so I didn't think it was a burrowing animal. Where did the dirt come from? Well my neighbor (to the right of my property) did have a problem with a burrowing animal in her yard. Whatever it was, managed to cross the fence line but never really did much damage in my yard. I haven't really noticed anything since then so I thought we were safe. Rookie mistake!
As I was watering more of the garden, I overheard my other neighbors (in back of my property) telling their friends about how a gopher dug up their yard. Then I noticed more mounds of dirt. Again, no obvious holes. F*@*$%&$!!

Luckily all my other plants escaped damage. It was close to my squash and I swear if they dig those up, they'll be hell to pay! Today I took small measures. My cat got a brushing and her fur was stuck in the holes that I could find. They're small so it's not a gopher. I'm not sure what the heck it is but consider the cat fur fair warning.

Dear burrowing animal,
Please lay off the digging!! Or if find you need to continue, can you please dig around the few plants I've managed to plant into the awful clay soil that is my yard. Instead, make yourself useful, aerate my lawn. But please please please, save the squash and melons!!


Charmcitybalconygarden said...

I have some squirrels (or rats) digging up the soil from my pots. boo!

Nartaya said...

I have the same problem. We live up an inclined yard and the people who own the hill below us have a terrible gopher problem. They never see him since he hugs the fence line, but he helps himself to my garden. No fun.

the red headed traveler said...

I hope said animal leaves your pretty plants be. We actually had a chipmunk in our house last week (terrified the ever living h** out of me). Different situation but annoying/nerve wracking all the same!

Rowena... said...

Same problem here (small country rat or a wood mouse), although I believe rat poison did the trick. I'd find exit/entry holes but no mound of dirt next to them. But when my zukes started keeling over and I discovered that something was eating the roots from underneath, that is when I discovered the tunnels below my vegs! I really hope you solve the problem and soon.

Why I garden... said...

Isn't that annoying when an animal digs and makes a mess. I had rabbit/hare tunnels in the garden at one stage but my cats got big enough to chase them away. Happy belated birthday! Kelli

Doc said...

Happy belated birthday. Mine was the fifth (delayed fire cracker);O)

~Holly~ said...

charmcitybalconygarden-Oh no! I can't believe they've located your bounty!! Boo hiss!

nartaya-Same with me. The back neighbor is below me. I noticed that either the cat fur in the hole or the mint deterred them. But now I notice they're hugging the fence line and having a party.

the red headed traveler-Chipmuck eh? Yikes!

rowena-Glad your creature is gone. So far no damage to my veggies.

kelli-Since my cat is an indoor cat, she'd be useless. She'd probably run away from them. Hahaha. Thanks for the bday wishes!!

doc-Thanks!! Happy belated birthday to you as well!