Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lychee Season!

It's my favorite time of year! It's the time where my favorite fruit shows up in the markets. No it's not strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or even cherries.

It's lychee season! These are from China and aren't as good as the ones from Hawaii but beggars can't be choosers. If you haven't tried these sweet treats, I urge you to do so. You won't regret it!


the red headed traveler said...

We don't have them at our supermarkets here but all the more reason to look forward to Hawaii! So excited over the exotic fruits and farmers' markets there :) It will put our boring apples and cherries to shame lol.

genkitummy said...

Yay for lychee season! I love lychee!!! Lychee is my favorite fruit (probably favorite food too)!

Sonali said...

OMG I agree. Lychee is my fav fruit. I like it deep red discolored when they are at the sweetest. 2.99 per pound is cheap, where's this shop at? Don't you wish we could grow here in NW.

scrapper al said...

After enjoying them in Taiwan, fresh off the farm, I'm spoiled and can't eat them here anymore. They were so big and juicy! My friends and I would buy a couple pounds, spread out some newspaper on the table, and then enjoy the sweet fruit.

Wendy said...

wow- that's a lot of sweet juicy lychees - I can just taste it. We have a thai restaurant around here that makes a lychee martini. i should try to recreate the concoction.

~Holly~ said...

the red headed traveler: I found these at our Asian food stores. They're usually in season in Hawaii around June-July (if I can remember right). They're delicious!! Similar fruits would be logan and rabutan.

genkitummy: I'm with you! By far my favorite fruit!!

sonali: Thanks for visiting my blog. Haha, another lychee lover! These were from Uwajimaya in Beaverton but I also found them at H Mart in Tigard.

scrapperal: Ohhh....yummy! I can only imagine how yummy those get togethers were. In Hawaii we used to pick them off the tree when we were little (my aunt had a tree).

Wendy: a lychee martini sounds delicious!!!