Friday, July 15, 2011

Kohlrabi-The Alien Vegetable

Have you ever seen this root vegetable at the store or farmer's market and thought to yourself, "What is that"? It looks like something from another planet. Well you're not alone. Up until this week, I've never tasted a kohlrabi either. I've seen it in stores and even seen it on other gardener's blogs. There's two varieties, a white/green one and a purple one. The purple variety is supposed to be milder or sweeter. Never mind what it is....what does it taste like??

I've heard it described as crisp like a radish but sweet like broccoli stems. To prepare it, you'll have to remove the tops (but they're edible just like turnip or beet greens). If the kohlrabi is large and fibrous, you'll have to peel the outer skin off. I bought these from the store and they were small enough that I left my skin on. I sliced and julienned the kohlrabi and did a quick stir fry with olive oil, garlic and snap peas. I also used the greens from the kohlrabi in my dish. It was yummy!!

This was a quick and simple was to try the kohlrabi. You can also eat them raw or use them in dishes you would add turnips or radishes to. I'll definitely be on the lookout for these seeds to plant in my fall garden!! These alien veggies are a keeper!!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hope you got to plant them this fall. I noticed that among all brassicas that I am growing at the moment, kohlrabi has less enemies. Yummy dish!

p3chandan said...

I was just asking another blogger from Australia, how does kohlrabi taste like. It looked like root beets which I have eaten before, though not fresh but canned. Your simple stir-fry looked delicious!

fullfreezer said...

Oh, I love kohlrabi. I do think my favorite way to eat them is just sliced raw. Mmmm....

Mark Willis said...

You should try using it raw too. Try grating it finely and mixing it with grated carrot, as a salad ingredient.
In Europe Kohlrabi is often sreved hollowed-out and stuffed with spicy ground meat, just like you might do with Sweet Pwpper or a large tomato.

Ben Czajkowski said...

I will add this to my list to try. Along with okra. >_>

~Holly~ said...

MKG: I bought my seeds and will sow some this week for fall. Good to know that they are less succeptible to pests!

p3chandan: They taste like a cross between sweet broccoli stems with a crunch or a little like jicama but not as sweet. They're really good. I like how stir frying them brought out more of the sweet and it's perfect with snap peas!!

fullfreezer: They were good raw too. I can't believe I've been missing out all this time!

Mark: I think I'll try your suggestion of grating them with carrots next time.

Ben: I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one missing out on this yummy veggie. Hope you like it! I wish I could grow okra here but we have such a short growing season I've heard okra is a no grow in the Pacific NW. I'll look forward to your okra tales!