Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Balcony Flowers Update

Can you believe it's July already? Here's a quick update on my balcony flower containers. These were direct sown around May 3rd.

My Jewel Nasturiums are the first to bloom. It's my first year growing these. I've heard that the flowers are edible and have a peppery tang that spices up salads. I'm excited to try these out! I'm all about flowers that are pretty and you can eat too!!
Hiding between the nasturiums are Oriental Scarlet Poppies. They're really small plants and I think the nasturiums may drown the sun out this year. The poppies may not make a showing.

Here's a planter with Double Click Cosmos in the center and Sprite Zinnias lining the edges.

Here's some Twinkle Twinkle Sunflowers and some Dwarf Bright Lights Cosmos. Again the larger sunflowers are blocking out the cosmo's sunlight. I'm hoping they get taller and allow the cosmos some valuable sunlight!
Here's the two cone flower plants I bought this year. They're both doing well and growing more foliage in the middle. I'm excited to see the blooms on these babies!!


the red headed traveler said...

I know, absolutely crazy we're already into July! Your flowers look lovely. Hope you had a nice Fourth of July holiday.

~Holly~ said...

Julie-Thanks!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend too!!