Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvest Monday 7/18/11

Another Monday is rolling around. This week I harvested some more celery early in the week. There were also a few more stray green beans.
I picked another pint of raspberries from my little container raspberry plant. One strawberry was ripe. It was devoured right after this photo was taken.
Later in the week I pinched back the basil to allow for bushier plants. I also pulled a China Rose Radish to see how big they were. I was wondering because the leaves were quite big (the longest was about 22 inches long).
The radishes need a little longer in the ground. They had a spicy kick.

Later in the week I was able to pick another pint of raspberries, single strawberry and a few snow peas.

This week's harvest totals:
- celery: 0.3 lb
- raspberries: 1.12 lb
- basil: 0.02 lb
- radish: 0.6 lb
- strawberries: 0.04 lb
- peas: 0.07 lb


Rebecca said...

Your raspberries look wonderful! For some reason, (I think too much rain in the spring) I haven't had much of a raspberry harvest this year. My plants look rather stressed and then the deer munched on a large section :( Thanks for sharing your harvest!

Allison at Novice Life said...

I agree, your Raspberries look great! Nice harvest!

Ben Czajkowski said...

When I read this line, "I picked another pint of raspberries...", I found myself glaring at your blog out of jealousy. :)

Nice harvest!!

Daphne said...

I wish I had berries to make jam from. Not this year though. I'm hoping next year they get going.

Robin said...

Your celery looks great and so do the raspberries. I really need to get out there and harvest my celery here at the home garden

the red headed traveler said...

Seriously, your raspberries look the ones from the grocery store and these are yours that you grew! How wonderful :)

Wendy said...

those raspberries look fabulous!!!

kitsapFG said...

I am really impressed with how well your container grown raspberries are pumping out the berries. Must be a happy plant!

Mac said...

Raspberry envy, they always die in the heat here, wonder I should grow them in container in a semi shady area.

~Holly~ said...

rebecca: Thanks! I hope next year is better for your raspberries!

allison: Thanks!

ben: Haha! Now you know how I feel when I read about people's tomatoes! ;0)

daphne: I hope next year is good for your berries! I usually u-pick berries for jamming!

robin: Thanks! It was a fun experiment, growing celery for the first time. It was fairly hassle-free except for the long babying time.

the red headed traveler: Thanks! I'm so proud of my little container raspberry. It's the little raspberry that could!

wendy: Thanks so much!

kitsapFG: No one is more impressed by my container than I am. I'm floored that I got so many berries and I'm still picking.

mac: I hope you have luck growing raspberries there.