Monday, July 11, 2011

Harvest Monday 7/11/11

Lots of peas were harvested this week. Early in the week we had snap peas in the white bowl and shelling peas in the larger red bowl. I also harvested a few larger green beans for a nice treat. A few raspberries were ripe too!

These were the shelling peas post shelling. I love how pretty they look in the pods and how sweet they are. They're one of my favorite spring veggies!

My parsley plants were getting large. Just in time for a harvest and tabbouleh.

A solo strawberry was harvested this week. It was sweet and delicious!

More raspberries were ready later in the week. I'm shocked my container raspberry is producing so many red delicious treats.

This is the last of the peas. I harvested what was left and pulled the plants to make way for beans and cucumbers. So long my sweet friends. See you in the fall!

This week's harvest totals:
Peas = 1.36 lb
Green Beans = 0.06 lb
Raspberries = 0.1 lb
Parsley = 0.17 lb


Rowena... said...

Holly you don't just have a green have a super green thumb! Those peas look delicious!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

So many variety of harvest. Beautiful harvest.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Nice harvest :)

Tabbouleh! Why didn't I think about doing this with my Parsely! Next time for sure!

Hanni said...

Yummy! My pea harvest was pathetically poor this year...I may or may not be jealous of all those scrumptious looking peas you have there! :)

Barbie said...

Rasberries and peas- that alone is dinner. :-D

kitsapFG said...

Got to love those peas - so yummy!

That is impressive that you are getting a good harvest level from container grown raspberries. Well done!

Mac said...

Nice harvest, those raspberries were grown in a container? I'm impressed.

Wendy said...

I agree that peas look so cute in the pod - no wonder the saying.

Beleive it or not, I have only had freshly shelled peas for the first time this year. Wow.

Daphne said...

Beautiful harvest. I love how peas line up in the pod too. Little gems all in a row.

~Holly~ said...

rowena-Hahaha, you're funny girl! Thanks! Peas are one of my favorite spring treats! Mmm!!

MKG-Thank you! I'm glad it's more than greens these days!

allison-Thanks! Oh yes, don't forget about the tabbouleh. When the parsley is coming like crazy, it always reminds me to make some! LOL!

hanni-Oh no! Sorry about your disappointing pea harvest. Good news though, you'll get another chance in the fall!!! ;0)

barbie-I totally agree!

kitsapFG-I know! I'm shocked that my little container raspberry plant is producing so much. Esp. since when I bought it, it was barely a stick in a pot. I'm so proud if the raspberry plant!

mac-Totally...container! I was afraid to plant it in the ground since I don't have a large yard and I was afraid it would run amuck. I'm happy with how it turned out!

wendy-Even if you've only experiences fresh shelling peas this year. Wasn't it wonderful?? =D

daphne-So photogentic eh? =0)

Ben Czajkowski said...

Ha! You may have envy of my eggplant, but I envy your peas and raspberries!!

~Holly~ said...

Ben-I guess we're even then! ;0)