Friday, July 1, 2011

Edible Day Lilies

I've never heard of eating day lilies before. I was intrigued when Wendy at Greenish Thumb posted about them. I did some research and found that the entire plant of the day lily (Hemerocallis species) is edible. Tuber roots look like potatoes. The tender leaves, stems, flowers and buds are all edible. One reference stated that too many of the lily buds can have a laxative effect.

I've had the common yellow day lily in my front yard for as long as I've lived at this house. I picked the plants because it needs very little care, it comes back each year like clockwork and the pretty flowers are a nice bonus!! Now I find out they're edible. Double bonus!!!

I thought I would start with a few buds first. There are a lot of buds so I picked a few of the larger ones.

I cleaned the buds by popping them open and rinsing (for bugs) and I actually removed the pollen stamens. I stir fried them with some odds and ends such as pea shoots, broccoli and snap peas in some olive oil and garlic. I topped it with an Asian marinade. It was difficult to distinguish the true flavor of the lilies with the sauce. Next time I'll try them with just some olive oil and garlic to keep the taste natural.

I'll definitely try picking more and trying it again. I found lots of recipes for day lilies on the internet. I'm excited about a new edible growing in my front yard!!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I also become very interested when I read Wendy post that they are edible. Nice dish!

scrapper al said...

Interesting. I didn't know day lilies were edible. Although that makes sense because I have dried lily buds in my Chinese food stash. Duh, never put two and two together.

Shannan said...

Wow! intriguing. I have a few day lilies too. I may try them as well.thanks for the advice

~Holly~ said...

Diana-I'm always glad to find out something new from fellow bloggers! Thanks!

scrapper al-LOL! How do you use your dried buds??

shannan-You're welcome. I hope you like them!