Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bolting Veggies

Some veggies are beginning to bolt in the garden. The Tyee Spinach is one of them. I think I'll try another variety to see how it grows here.

For some reason, one of my Bright Lights Swiss Chard plants is bolting where all the other plants are doing fine.

Although I didn't take a photo, one of the newly planted Waianae Kai Choy was bolting. These plants were pulled out. I also pulled out my broccoli and gai lan plants. They were taking up a lot of real estate in the garden. I'm not sure the broccoli was worth it for the space it took and the amount harvested. I think I may try some for the fall but give them adequate space to see if that improves my yields. For now though, they're toast. The radishes (French Breakfast and Easter Egg) that I planted under the broccoli were also pulled as they were quickly shaded out by the fast growing plants. I thought I they would have enough time to mature before the broccoli got too big but I guess I was wrong. I will replant these varieties once the hot weather (if we get any) passes.