Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Portland Nursery

I've never been to Portland Nursery before. They're located on the other side of town and is out of the way for me. I have, however, used their website before. They have excellent resources for Portland gardeners. They have a great growing calendar for the Portland area. They also have great information sheets on tomato varieties.

I've heard that they have a great variety of plants. I happened to be running errands on the Portland's east side and decided to stop by the nursery. I was unable to find a replacement Kellogg's Breakfast and Green Zebra tomato plant at the other nursery I had been to. I decided to check out Portland Nursery to see if they happened to have these varieties of tomatoes.

Portland Nursery is a great place to visit. They have a fabulous selection of plants. Their tomato selection is tremendous! I found both my Kellogg's Breakfast and Green Zebra. I also decided to buy 2 paste tomato replacements. I'm hell bent on getting tomatoes for sauce this year!!! I wanted a Heinz or Amish Paste. They were out of Heinz plants and the Amish Paste plants didn't look too good. I ended up with a Roma and a San Marzano (the varieties I already have). I also found my Ichiban (Japanese) eggplant. All in all it was a great day!
If you're up for visiting Portland Nursery, they have 2 locations. One is location on SE Stark and the other is on SE Division. Enjoy strolling the nursery. It was fun browsing!

Portland Nursery
5050 SE Stark
Portland, OR
ph: (503) 231-5050
9000 SE Division
Portland, OR
ph: (503) 788-9000


Doc said...

After you posted that you were able to get your "Ichiban” Eggplant at Portland Nursery, I made a point of stopping by the Division street location after work. I found all that I needed and more, at that point I realized I had left my wallet at home. When I got home I decided to just walk down to my neighborhood Nursery (7 Dee's) and they had all the same Eggplants there at the same price but I get a "good neighbor" discount on any purchases. It’s a good thing I only have one nursery in my back yard :o/

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that place is great!

~Holly~ said...

doc: What varieties did you end up with? Sorry you didn't have your wallet with you when you went but in a way, it was probably a blessing since you got a great deal at a more local nursery!

smedette: I know! It was perfect because I had time to kill before an appt and it was about 9am on a weekday. The place was pretty deserted so it was nice to wander without the crowds.