Monday, June 6, 2011

Planting Out The Eggplant

We finally reached 85 degrees this past Saturday. It was all downhill after that. Today the high was 69 and overcast. I took the opportunity to plant out my eggplants. I took a gamble this year. Instead of sowing seeds for my favorite Japanese eggplant, Millionaire, I went with the Waimanalo Long Eggplant seeds from the University of Hawaii. Rookie move. Those seeds didn't germinate! Either that or they just take longer and I didn't have the patience for that. I knew I would have to end up buying starters.
While at the nursery last week, I didn't find any Japanese eggplants, but found a Thai Long Green one. I decided to try this one to compare the flavors. I've heard that they are tasty. Today while at Portland Nursery, I found a Ichiban eggplant. Woo hoo!

I have 4 varieties that I planted out today. From left to right:
- Listada de Gandia (grown from seed)
- Thai Long Green (bought starter)
- Ichiban (bought starter)
- Konasu (grown from seed)

Because the unpredictable and cool weather worries me, I decided to cover these with WOWs (walls-of-water). I will remove them in a few weeks.

I can't wait for eggplants!! I love love love them!


Doc said...

I am so glad you posted about Eggplant. I have not had them since.... well let’s just say a very long time ago. I will stop at Portland nursery on my way home from work. Perhaps you will be posting some recipes in future?

Shannan said...

I love eggplant too! I rave and rave about them and most people scratch their heads and say, "What's an eggplant? How in the world do you cook them?"

I look forward to hearing how you use them. I'm kind of a two-hit wonder with eggplant - I basically either roast them over a grill or make eggplant parm. But both are so delicious and yummy that I don't mind if that is the only way I make them.
I planted mine last week too and so far, so good (fingers crossed)

Why I garden... said...

Eggplant are delicious, I hope they do well for you! I've never grown them. Kelli

~Holly~ said...

Doc-I'm glad I could remind you about the glorious eggplant! I personally like the long skinny Japanese types. The seeds are absent or very small, the fruit is not bitter and they're so good! Someone sent me the seeds for the Italian eggplant so I thought I would try them. They looked pretty in the pics. The long green thai is new for me and so is the konasu (Japanese). I've posted a few recipes in the past but I will post more as I go along. I love them simply grilled (either outside or broiled in the oven) then drizzled with soy sauce and vinegar. Eggplant parmesan is also a favorite of mine.

Shannan-LOL! I have friends like that too. I scratch my head back and think, "How could you have never tasted an eggplant?" Your two recipes are my favorite ways to have them. I also did a lebanese eggplant stew (I posted the recipe) that I liked.

Kelli-I'm glad your a eggplant lover! They're one of my favorites! They're pretty self-sufficient and prolific once the weather warms up! You should try growing them!