Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Cucumbers

The cucumber plants are coming along. It's June and they all still have a ways to go. I have a total of 4 types that I'm growing this year. Some are for fresh eating and some were grow specifically for making pickles.

This is a Parisian pickling cucumber. I was intrigued with the description in a catalog. They're typically picked small.

These are Lemon cucumbers. I love these guys. They're really unusual as they are round and yellow. They taste lovely. I usually eat them just like an apple. Yummy!

This is the lone Tasty Green cucumber. I hope it survives. It's a long Japanese cucumber. I've grown this one before and it's very tasty.

These guys are Boston Pickling cucumbers. Right now they're being shaded out by the celery. I'll have to tie the celery stalks to give the cucumbers more sunshine. So far they're holding their own.

My next task is to figure out a trellis for the first two plants. I may go with a tepee type. Any ideas?

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ana @ i made it so said...

hi, i'm visting from jami's garden party... i have a small trellis for my cukes and sadly, i don't have a suggestion for you but i'll be watching... mine have almost overgrown them already! amazing little things that spread so quickly.

debbie said...

your cukes are lookin good!

Shannan said...

I grew some of my pickling cucumbers on a tepee style support last year and it worked great! Just remember to put some twine interweaving along it so there are a lot of surfaces for the twine to cling to.

smedette said...

I used bamboo to make a teepee; worked great! Also used old tomato cages.

Lrong said...

My cucumbers are just about the same size as yours...

Lexa said...

The cukes are looking really good! Bread & Buter pickles are my all time favorite. Sweet rewards all winter for a Summer of hard work in the garden!

Rowena... said...

Wow! Your cukes look great. Mine got attacked by some pest(s) and are just hanging in there so...we shall see if I get any cucumbers this year.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Beautiful cuke plants! Mine are at the baby stage--had to replant as the first time they didn't germinate due to cold weather. I've done cukes up a wooden trellis that you can buy at any hardware store, drive a metal fence post or rebar into the ground and wire the trellis to the post, and added some strings to the outer arms, attaching it to the ground with metal landscape fabric staples. This worked pretty well, and you can reuse the trellises for several years. I'm growing 'Green Slam,' which is a salad cuke that ripens fairly quickly for me, and 'Harmonie,' which is a new-to-me pickling cuke, and another salad cuke hybrid called 'Rocky' that is supposed to ripen quickly--we shall see what happens.

thyme2garden said...

I'm also growing some lemon cucumbers this year for the first time. The vines are starting to grow, but I haven't seen any babes yet. Maybe our plants can race and see who grows a fruit first. :) I had to make the trellis quickly this year, so I just pounded some vertical poles in the garden bed about 2-3 feet apart and tied some strings (or wire will work as well) across horizontally every 10 inches apart. We're training our vines to climb up the strings, so we'll see how they do.

~Holly~ said...

ana-Thanks for stopping by my blog! I ended up finding a netting trellis in the garage that I guess I had bought at some point (I don't remember buying it). I uncovered the bed and put up the netting. I hope it's okay to handle the weight that I'm anticipating from my cukes. ;0)


shannan-Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking of doing that but found the netting.

smedette-I will keep the tepee in mind if the netting doesn't hold up!

lrong-What varieties are you growing?

lexa-I totally agree!! I like both bread and butter and dill pickles so I'm sure I'll mix and match. If I have enough I may try a relish this year too!

rowena-I hope your cukes survive the attack. Last year I didn't have many cukes at all. I was very disappointed!

athena-Oooh, you sound like you have some great varieties of cucumbers in your garden! I hope you have a bountiful harvest this year!

thyme2garden-I'm sure you'll have cukes before me since you have all the sunshine! We had a few days of gorgeous weather (not too hot but just right) now it's back to overcast and highs barely hitting 70. Weird Oregon weather!