Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holy Macro 6/9/11

I've been playing more with the macro lens. I can't help myself. Plants are so photogenic!

The snapdragons are sure filling out.

I love the little bit of yellow in the center of the flowers.

More raspberry flowers. I'm positive I'll have fruits this year because the bees have been buzzing around these like crazy! Goooo bees!!

Snap pea flowers are so lovely.

Even the shelling peas are finally getting in on the action. Soon, very soon, I'll have my first peas of the season!

AHA! Blueberries are forming!

Carrots are developing their first set of true leaves. I love the delicate and frilly leaves.

Bull's Blood Beet leaves are so pretty.
My lone Golden Beet. Out of 9 seeds, only 1 germinated.

Cherokee Purple tomato buds

I love this photo of an onion bulb forming

Black Plum Tomato flowers. This maybe my first to set fruit this year!

I'm glad I decided to try growing tomatillos this year. The flowers are so lovely!! I love the purple in the middle of the flowers.
This is hopefully the first tomatillo of the season!! Exciting stuff!!