Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday 6/6/11

Since I was on vacation last week, this week I had a large harvest! This week was a great week for greens! My lettuce is doing well except for slug damage. While harvesting some lettuce, I picked out baby slugs. EWWW!! They were squished and I slug baited around the area to hopefully prevent future generations.

I was able to thin the lettuce bed by harvesting some pretty Romaine lettuce. These were Petite Rouge and Outredgeous Romaine Lettuce.
I also harvested one of these to make room in the bed. They were part of a mixed starter pack I bought. I'm not sure what kind of lettuce it is. Anyone have any guesses? It escaped slug damage and has pretty frilly leaves.
I had enough lettuce to make lots of yummy salads for the week.

My Soloist Chinese Cabbage are getting bigger and look a bit crowded.

The cabbage are "heading" up well. Soon they'll all be ready for picking.

For now, I only harvested one head to make some space and have for dinner.

My mizuna was bolting. See the pretty yellow flowers? I harvested this guy this week too.

I also had more Bright Lights Swiss Chard to pick.

My overwintered herb pot was flourishing. As other gardeners probably already know, never plant mint in the ground as they will soon take over the space. My mint (even in a container) is taking over. Here they're migrated to the other side of the pot and are invading the rosemary and oregano. I cut these springs to make some yummy mojitos and a dip (will post these later in the week).

I love the smell of mint. Yummy!

This week's harvest totals:
- Swiss chard=0.965 lb
- Chinese cabbage=1.82 lb
- Mizuna=0.265 lb
- Mint=0.065 lb
- Lettuce=0.6 lb.

Happy Harvest!!

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Thomas said...

Great harvest, Holly! It looks like you're swimming in greens!

Allison at Novice Life said...

What a nice harvest!

Mac said...

Nice big harvest, you did good, the cabbage look so nice and healthy, hope you had a good meal from it.

Barbie said...

Hmmm... looks like some type of oak leaf lettuce. Looks nice and fresh and crispy at that!

Robin said...

Well, you had a really great harvest this week! I agree with Barbie, looks like a nice oak leaf lettuce.

~Holly~ said...

Thomas-Thanks! Yeah, I've been buried in greens. Luckily I have willing friends and neighbors that love when I unburden my harvest on them.


mac-Thanks! One head of cabbage lasts a while. It's been very tasty!!

barbie-Is that oak leaf lettuce? I guess I've never grown that type before. The slugs are not impressed with oak leaf. They prefer romaine. Unfortunately, so do I!!

robin-Thanks! It's been well worth the wait!

Daphne said...

That is a very pretty Chinese cabbage. And you have reminded me that I have to seed some more mizuna, because mine will bolt soon.

~Holly~ said...

daphne: Thanks! I'm sad the Chinese cabbage bolted but I guess it's about time!