Monday, June 13, 2011

Harvest Monday 6/13/11

Here's my harvest for the week. Early in the week, I was finally able to harvest the center heads of my broccoli and gai lan.

I also harvested a lot of spinach, arugula and mustard greens (Osaka purple mustard greens).
Two of my Chinese cabbage bolted and were quickly picked. I made a delicious Asian Peanut Slaw with the cabbage.

A nice early week harvest....
Later in the week I harvested a few more side shoots of broccoli. I also harvested a long stalk of gai lan.
The kale was getting bigger (and crowded) so I decided to harvest a whole bunch of them before the cabbage moths made dinner out of my plants. I was surprised how much kale I ended up with. I had both Lacinato and Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale.
The remaining 3 heads of Chinese cabbage bolted so they were harvested. Kim chi anyone?
I also harvested 2 bolting tatsoi plants and a few tops of my bulb onions. The tops of the bulb onions doubles as green onions.

This week's harvest totals:
Chinese cabbage = 8.3 lb
Broccoli & Gai Lan = 0.44 lb
Spinach, arugula & mustard greens = 0.35 lb
Kale = 1.05 lb
Tatsoi = 2.3 lb
Green onions = 0.02 lb


kitsapFG said...

Lots of greens this week. I think alot of us are doing big final harvests of certain spring planted greens - as they are rushing to bolt with the increased day length and sun strentch.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wow so many type of greens to enjoy.

Barbie said...

So much bolting all the sudden. That is what you get for running off on Holiday! ;-)

Daphne said...

Look at all that Chinese cabbage. It looks wonderful.

thyme2garden said...

It all looks so beautiful and healthy, Holly! Even your bolting greens look lush. A lot of my asian greens bolted this year almost as soon as they sprouted. Very sad, but I guess that's what heat will will do to our spring greens.

~Holly~ said...

kitsapFG-Yep! My greens are starting to show signs of bolting. Gotta harvest and make room for round 2 veggies.

MKG-Thanks! Some are first time growing for me. It's been fun and good eats!

barbie-I know right? Luckily I can preserve some and give the rest away to friends!

daphne-Thanks!! I love chinese cabbage!

thyme2garden-Thanks so much Minji! I think my green held in so long because we've had a cool and wet spring. We're still waiting for heat......

Shawn Ann said...

What a nice variety you have. Looks like you had a healthy harvest this week!

meemsnyc said...

I love all the asian greens you are growing. I have to grow more next year. It looks amazing.

Sherry said...

How do you like the Osaka purple mustard greens? I just bought a pack of seed from Johnny's since it was on sale.

~Holly~ said...

shawn ann: Thanks! It's one way to get in your veggies!

meemsnyc:Thanks! I love Asian greens. Plus, they grow quickly! I hope you get to grow some when the weather cools off!

sherry: I'm sure that's where I got my seeds also. I love the Osaka purple mustards. Besides being very pretty and having a rich color, they have a great taste. I've been harvesting them young and adding them to salads. It has a nice mild zing!! Enjoy yours!!

Mac said...

Oh wow, gailan and broccoli at the same time, I'll have to try Osaka purple mustard (if I can find the seeds), never grown any purple leafy greens before.

~Holly~ said...

Mac-I hope you enjoy the Osaka purples! They're really pretty but I pick them small so they have a mild zing.