Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-The Garden Version

This is my first garden post since returning from my trip to Las Vegas. Besides getting back to work, it has been depressing on the gardening front. The weather is still cool and rainy. This is my good, bad and ugly garden post. I'll start with the good because I'm trying very very very very hard to stay positive....

My volunteer snapdragons from last year started blooming this week. This one is a pretty pink/salmon color.

The raspberry buds have opened and are flowering!

The bees have returned to the garden in full force with the blooming of my Spanish lavender.

I think I was too optimistic about the weather (especially the night time lows) while I was away. Some plants did not make it. Among them are the Dragon's Tongue beans.

I'm crushed because I also lost a lot of tomatoes to the cold. I don't think I have back up plants for all of them so I may have to forego the tomatoes this year or suck it up and buy more starters from the nursery.

The Bloody Butcher tomato is looking Bloody frostbitten!

The garden pests have been at it again. This was likely the cabbage moth caterpillars.

The slugs have been busy! Grrrr...

I don't have a picture of the ugly but it's quite disheartening. It wasn't enough to be totally devastated at losing a lot of my tomato plants. But, when checking on my seedlings, I noticed my aphid problem was still there! This time, they had moved onto my Asian green seedlings and my lettuce seedlings. I sprayed them (heavily) with Neem solution and let them sit (I only noticed them right before I was leaving for work. AUGH!). After coming back from work, I rinsed the plants as best as I could. Luckily they were grown up enough to tolerate the handling. Nasty creatures!! I guess I could have tossed all the plants but that pained me too much! I'll try to salvage them but if the aphids reappear, they're toast. Anyone have good aphid killing tips?

I'm trying really hard not to call it quits this garden season but it's awfully difficult with all the setbacks. It's been quite discouraging!


Why I garden... said...

Shame about some of your plants. Gardening has exactly what your post says, the good, the bad and the ugly. I've casutalites already too. Aphids, slugs, ants, caterpillers all causing havoc.

Robin said...

Oh my...don't give up! You really must have had some cold weather while you were gone! You may have to purchase some plants though. I don't have a different solution for the aphids.

Just hang in there....things will turn around

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

Oh no! I wish I can send you over some heat!

The "good" looks really pretty - love all the colors.

Shannan said...

YOu have me worried! I've been out of my garden for a few days because of hte awful downpours we've been getting. I hope my tomatoes survived since I planted them last weekend.

So I hope you learned your lesson: don't remove WoWs or any cloches until mid-June!! :)

~Holly~ said...

Kelli-I know it happens but I'm so devastated! I need thicker skin for gardening. LOL! The aphids are awful. I just want to take a torch to them! Grrr!!

Robin-Thanks! We have an 80 degree weekend coming up. Maybe that will brighten my gardening spirits!

charmcitybalconygarden-Thanks for the good thoughts! We have some heat coming this weekend!

Shannan-Yeah, the rains have been bad too! I think I was really too optimistic by taking off the WOWs so early. LOL! Lesson learned for next year. I think I also needed to harden off the tomato plants longer.