Sunday, May 1, 2011

Transplanting Leeks and Direct Sowing Carrots and Beets

Today I finally was able to turn this raised bed and ammend the soil with compost and chicken manure. This is a long, skinny and deep box. Last year I planted tomatoes in the left side of the box so I made sure to add some blood meal to the soil since I'm sure the tomatoes ate it all up last year. To both beds, I also added slow release fertilizer, Espoma Garden Tone fertilizer and bone meal.

There were only a few leeks that I had planted from seeds that looked like they were transplantable. As you can see, the root system looked good. Yeah!
Since I've never grown leeks before, I had to do quick research on how to plant them. Most references say to dig trenches 4-5 inches deep and plant them so only a little green is showing above ground. This will keep the stem tender and light when they are harvested. All this is assuming my leeks will make it to harvest. Since I was planting in square feet, I was able to plant for 9 leeks in a square foot. I ended up planting out 6 leek starters, 2 questionable leek starters (that were planted together), and 2 left-over garlic cloves.

Next, I planted 2 square foot plots of carrots:
- 8 Little Finger
- 8 Scarlet Nantes
- 8 Mini Sweet
- 8 Asian New Kurodo

I also did 2 square foot plots of beets:
- 9 Bulls Blood Beets
- 9 Golden Beets