Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tomatoes and Tomatillos

Since the night temperatures are in the mid to high 40's and the daytime temperatures are at least in the 60's now, I made the executive decision to remove the WOWs (wall of water) from my tomato plants. The tomatoes planted in the raised beds didn't do well.

On the left is Kellogg's Breakfast. I decided to plant one more Kellogg's because the one that was originally planted was looking a little limp. The Cherokee Purple in the middle is looking good. The Pineapple on the right flat out died. I replaced it with another plant.

The Verde Tomatillos are looking good. The plant I bought is flowering like crazy. The flowers are really pretty. Even my home grown tomatillo plant has flowers now. Yeah!

I needed to remove the WOWs anyway to allow the plant to get pollinated. I tried to hand pollinate.

Flower buds are forming on the Black Plum Cherry Tomato Plant.

I tried to hand pollinate the flowers that started forming on the Bloody Butcher Tomato. I hope I was successful!

The Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato is looking limp. I'm having no luck with cherry tomatoes this year.

My other two tomatoes at the front of the house (San Marzano and Green Zebra) are going strong. The second Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato, however, died (again, not having good luck with the cherry tomatoes). I replanted a Roma Tomato today in its place.


Charmcitybalconygarden said...

wow Holly! You have a lot going on! I'm very envious of your greens. Next year I'm going to expand some in variety. I hope all your tomatoes do well!!

meemsnyc said...

I love all the varieties that you are growing. My tomato plants are growing so slowly. We have been getting lots of rain, and no sun so the seedlings don't seem to be getting any bigger. I can't wait to see the progress of yours.

~Holly~ said...

charmcitybalconygarden-Thanks! I hope you try some of the Asian greens. Not only do they grow quickly, they're delicious!!

meemsnyc-Thanks! I love love love tomatoes. If I could only grow one thing. That would be it. I love growing different varieties just to see how they differ in taste and texture. My tomatoes are getting leggy from not enough light. They get kicked out of the grow lights so they're unhappy. I think I'll plant them all out this week.

scrapper al said...

I've never seen a tomato trellis like those. Can you tell more about them? And why do you hand pollinate? Do you get better results that way?

~Holly~ said...

Hey Arlyn! I'm assuming you mean the trellis on the top photo right? The tall one? I bought those at Park Seed (online).

I bought them last year for the tomatoes I was growing in containers and putting wall of waters around. It worked out better. I also used them for the tomatoes in this bed because it taken up less space than the conventional tomato cages. I liked them but noticed that I needed to ancor them by tying them to the fence because the tomato plants got so big and heavy.

I hand pollinated the tomatoes in the containers and the tomatillos because I noticed they were flowering but I had the WOW around them. I was afraid they were getting missed by the bees. I also haven't noticed a lot of bees yet so I thought I would try hand pollinating to speed things also. We'll see if it worked or not. =0)