Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

I think Swiss chard is an underrated vegetable. I love them for their taste and their color! What a happy vegetable!

My swiss chard transplants are looking good. I think these are planted too close but I'm afraid to move them. I honestly didn't think all the plants would make it. I'm happy that I have a few different colors in the garden. This is the bright lights variety and I love all the pretty colors they come in (red, pink, yellow, orange, white). I'll be harvesting these soon!! Exciting things are happening in the garden!


muddytoes said...

I don't know if this is what you were planning to do, but if you jut cut leaves instead of taking the whole plant, the plants will keep growing and you can harvest over and over from the same plant. If you keep them until their second year, they'll flower. Beneficial insects seem to love the flower stalks so I leave them (which means that I have chard popping up randomly in my garden).

Doc said...

I love Swiss Chard and so do my chickens....Yummm

meemsnyc said...

I have still to plant swiss chard! I can't wait. I have seeds ready to go in the garden.

mac said...

These babies don't stop, they keep coming at you until you decide enough is enough. I'm pulling my overwintered chard to make room for eggplants and peppers.

~Holly~ said...

muddytoes-Yep, I plan on just cutting the stems but I still think they are planted too closely. I don't think I'll keep them for the second year since I have limited space in my boxes but good to know about the flowering and seeding. Maybe I'll try putting some in the ground.

Doc-hee hee, I've heard that about the chickens. They seems to love chard! I can't say I blame them!

meemsnyc-Luckily they're pretty quick growers! Good luck with your swiss chard crop!

mac-I love that about chard. However, last year I had problems with leaf miners. I'll either have to do row covers or be extra vigilent about picking eggs off of leaves. =0) Eventually I'll pull these plants to make room for other summer veggies. I'll reseed for an overwintering crop. Well, at least, that's the plan!

Wendy said...