Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Squash with Legs

Called all gardening gurus out there. I need serious help. I planted seeds and left them on the windowsill while on vacation. When I returned, they were super leggy. When I say leggy, I really mean leggy!! LOOK!

The cucumbers look like they'll be alright. The squash however are a different story.

Some of the squash, especially the summer squash are legs only!

So my question for you is, should I try planting these outside (just planting them deep like tomatoes) or reseed right away?? Are squash okay to plant deep or will the stem rot?


mac said...

Hummm, maybe you can plant couple of the seedlings to test how they grow and reseed the rest, it's not too late to start over again.

Doc said...

I wouldn't plant them deep, just plant as is they should be fine. Sometimes if they are too leggy it is easy to snap the stem so be careful planting them.

Anonymous said...

I plant out leggy cucumbers and they do fine. I bury all the stem up to the leaves. Good Luck!

~Holly~ said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I think since I have multiple seedlings, I'm going to try both. I'll plant one deep and one as is. Crazy huh? They're at least 4 inches tall. LOL!