Monday, May 30, 2011

Restaurant Rambling: Greenland Supermarket Food Court (Las Vegas, Nevada)

My brother and sister-in-law discovered a great food court at the Korean market at Greenland. The food court features various restaurants with mixed Korean foods. Besides the standard Korean menu, there's one with a Hawaiian-Korean menu, one with a Japanese-Korean menu and other influences. We each ordered from a different restaurant and ended up with WAY too much food!!

I ordered from the Hawaiian-Korean place. I got a combination of Kalbi (Korean marinated short ribs) and Bibim Naengmyun (a spicy cold noodle dish). Both were delicious. It was my first time trying the bibim naengmyun and although it was a little spicy, it was really good.

As if this weren't enough food, it came with a side of kim chi cabbage and kim chi daikon. Yum! I ordered some fried saimin noodles for my niece, which is Hawaiian. Since we spent more than $20, we got an order of mando for free (in the background).
This was my sister-in-law's dinner. She got a marinated beef stir fry and noodles. Her dinner came with a fried fish, kim chi and bean sprouts. My niece's fried saimin noodles are in the background.

My brother ordered from the Japanese-Korean place. He had a gigantic sashimi salad that had rice on the bottom. I thought it was a little weird to have rice and a salad on top but he said it was good.

Greenland Supermarket Food Court
6850 West Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89146
ph: (702) 459-7878


takaeko said...

You seem to find a interesting food court where you can enjoy "multinational menus". Especially, the sashimi salad on rice is interesting to me! I've never seen that way to eat sashimi in Japan.

~TastyTravels~ said...

takaeko-It was an interesting food court! Very diverse yet staying Korean. I thought the sashimi salad with rice was an odd combination but my brother thought it all blended well.

mac said...

Look delish, I didn't notice there's a Greenland Supermarket on Spring Mountain, I've been to the Korean supermarket on the same street though.

Lrong Lim said...

Sounds like an interesting food court... delicous looking stuff...

~TastyTravels~ said...

mac-Next time you're over there, check it out! The food court is tasty and the supermarket is quite large!!

lrong-Thanks! It certainly was very delicious and lots and lots and lots of leftovers!