Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recycling Coffee Grounds and Green Tea for the Garden

I've been saving coffee grounds for recycling in the garden. I have a Keurig coffee maker. It uses these little K-cups filled with coffee grounds. It's a tedious task to scoop coffee grounds from these cups so I usually save a lot of them and do it all at one time.

Between my K-cups and the regular coffee maker grounds, I had almost an entire container full for the garden.

Since reading that article about the benefits of using green tea in the garden as fertilizer, I've been saving my green tea bags too. I broke the bags apart and separated the green tea inside. I sprinkled them around my greens in the garden. I hope they like green tea!!


meemsnyc said...

Our coffee grounds and tea leaves go into our compost. They plants do love it!

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

I was bringing coffee grounds backs from work. I had problems storing them though, the fungus gnats just love coffee. I just had to make sure they were completely dry.

Liz said...

Good idea to take the tea out of the tea bags. Despite what most companies claim the bags dont biodegrade easily and end up all over the garden if you add them to compost. I'll be interested to see what resluts you have with your coffee grounds.

Doc said...

One of my pet peeves is packaging. Its a shame that your K Cups are packaged that way so it makes composting work. I have been composting for years and have added another unit to my system along with a worm farm. We put coffee grounds with filters, tea bags(whole)after removing the staple plus all kitchen debris except meat and dairy which attract rats and mice. we layer that with grass clippings and then a layer of shredded paper. Everything breaks down and by spring we have the most beautiful compost to add to the gardens.

Rowena... said...

I save up the grinds every time we make espresso in the morning and evening. Takes forever to fill up a baggie but yay for recycling and compost!

~Holly~ said...

meemsnyc-Good to know. I usually do coffee but this is my first time using green tea. I usually compost them but this time I'm throwing them directly into the garden.

~Holly~ said...

charmcitybalconygarden-Thanks for the heads up about the gnats.

liz-I usually throw the whole tea bag in the compost bin but for putting directly in the garden, I undid the bags. I've used coffee grounds on the garden before with good results.

Doc-I hear what you're saying about packaging. It's sometimes such a waste! If I have extra coffee grounds, I give them to my worms too. They love that stuff.

rowena-I agree! Yeah for composting!