Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peppers Being Attacked!

As I was looking over my warm weather seedlings to see which varieties had survived and which ones were destined to be planted out, I noticed something strange. What the?

Funny how it was all along one side of the tray. All my pepper leaves (and I do mean ALL) had funny holes in them.

I knew it!! That's what happens when you leave your cat unsupervised on the deck with your young plants for just a minute. She's notorious for doing this. Last year she also went for the nice green leaves. Luckily damage was minimal.

No more unsupervised sunbathing!!


fullfreezer said...

I had to bring my seedlings in last night and tonight due to freezing temperatures (sigh). I was worried about the cats since I left them on the dining room table. But, they didn't bother them- I think because I had dusted them down with cayenne pepper to deter the chipmunks outside.

Annie's Granny said...

Oh dear, kitty was just having fun! At least it wasn't some awful bug.

~Holly~ said...

Judy-Maybe cayenne pepper would make her think twice next time. Sneaky kitty!

Granny-At first I was horrified and was looking for the awful bug that caused all the damage. Upon further inspection, it looked suspiciously like cat fang marks.