Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Main Season Flower Seeds 2011

I finally got a start on my main season flower seeds. Every year I tell myself I'll start them earlier but never do. This year, I'm about 2 weeks ahead of last year. I went back and checked and last year I started flower seeds mid-May.

I couldn't resist these cute planters at Target. They came in a nice variety of bright and bold colors. I got green, yellow and red ones for my deck.

In the rectangle planter, I planted some Twinkle Twinkle Sunflowers and Dwarf Bright Lights Cosmos.

In the red planter I planted Double Click Cosmos and Sprite Zinnias. In the yellow planter is some Oriental Scarlett Poppies and Jewel Nasturiums. I usually start the flowers as starters and transplant them when they're ready. I got a little lazy this time and just directly sowed the seeds.

I also sowed a bunch of flowers in Jiffy pellets in these albumin trays. I get these free at work and recycle them. They make great seed starters! Each tray holds 6 pellets. I planted 6 trays altogether:
1) California Mission Bells Poppies
2) Bee's Friend
3) Double Gaiety Mix (Pinks) Dianthus
4) Petite Mixture Marigolds
5) Dwarf Bright Lights Cosmos
6) Thumbelina Dwarf Zinnias


thyme2garden said...

Holly, you're so organized with your flowers! I feel like I barely have my head above water with keeping track of the vegetables. :) But I would like to have some flowers in my garden eventually, so I'm very interested in seeing how all these flowers grow for you from seed. Please keep posting pictures of seedlings as they grow!

~Holly~ said...

Thanks Minji! Except I don't think I'm organized at all. I just don't want to have to buy starters at the garden center. LOL! I'm tempted but I tell myself I can hold out and wait just a few more weeks for my seedlings to grow. I'm doing the very minimalist growing approach. It maybe still a little too cold here but I planted up containers and direct sowed seeds and that other trays I planted up and I'm just going to leave them outside and cross my fingers. I don't have room or the patience to tend to the flower seedings inside since I still have veggies growing inside. I hope they make it!