Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kale and Cold Frame Update 5/17/11

It's amazing how different 1 week can make. While I was in Hawaii, the weather here wasn't the greatest. We had a few days of nice weather but mostly overcast and still cool.

The uncovered kale seemed to have done well. Now's the hard part. Do I thin now or let them all grow. Decisions decisions.

Lacinato Kale

Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale

Before I left on vacation, I didn't want to leave the cold frame down (closed) because of some of the warmer days we were expecting. I didn't want the greens to cook! I also didn't want to leave them exposed (open). I put up the hoops and the shade cloth before leaving. I was mostly worried about pesky cabbage moths and those dreaded leaf miners attacking my crop while I wasn't there to defend them.

Imagine my surprise when I peeking inside today. This is what I found....

Holy Greens Batman!! Things had sure taken off!! Everything was growing into everything else. It was time for surgery!! Lots of things got harvested today. Monday's harvest will be a big one!

The Winter Elf Chinese Cabbage bolted. Remember how just one was bolting before I left? Well all 3 had sent up flowers in my absence. I harvested the 3 heads of cabbage, hoping I could still salvage them. I will retry this variety in the fall.
The flowers from the Chinese cabbage were really pretty though.

The Soloist Chinese Cabbage seemed to be holding up well and forming heads. I hope these don't bolt!
Some of the Tatsoi were showing signs of bolting. Some of them also got harvested. I also harvested Pac Choi and Baby Bok Choy to give the other plants room to grow.
It was time to cut some of the broccoli out as they were way too closely spaced. I broke down and removed 3 plants, leaving 3. This also allowed room for the radishes and radicchio to spread their wings.

French Breakfast Radish

Easter Egg Radish
Castelfranco Radicchio


mac said...

Wow, what a difference a week make. You have quite a variety of greens there, you didn't throw away the flower heads, did you? They are very tasty.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Big harvest Holly. I chuck the chinese cabbage into the compost and the flower kept on blooming.

Doc said...

Welcome back to Portland....rain or shine ;o) Nice looking harvest.

scrapper al said...

Since my mom never wasted anything, we ate the flowers on Chinese greens and I remember liking them better than the rest of the vegetable.

~Holly~ said...

mac-Thanks! They grew a lot in a short week. Shucks! I did throw out the flowers. Next time I'll know to save them too!!

malay-kadazan girl-Thanks!

doc-Thanks for the welcome back!

scrapper al-Man! Next time I'm saving the flowers! I never thought that they were edible!