Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii Snacks

Whenever I'm home, it's never a good time to be on a diet. There are way too many snacks to tempt me. I get my fill and then some! Here's a few of the island goodies I grazed on this time....

Pickled Mango: Green mango is sliced and pickled. Mmmm, my mouth is watering already!

More Poi! After buying the Hanalei Poi, my dad informed me that from harvesting to packing into containers, their poi is not touched by human hands. It's all machinery. WHAT?? I then felt obligated to support the local, hand harvested poi from Makaweli Poi. For those of you who don't know what poi is, it's basically taro root that's been mashed into a purple paste. It's an acquired taste but I love it!

Hawaii loves their snacks. A lot of this stuff comes from China and SE Asia. It's generally called cracked seed but involves a lot of pickled and preserved fruits. Here, I have some dried lemon peels (left) and Li Hing Mui covered sour worms (right). Li Hing Mui powder is a red dried preserved plum powder. It's salty and tarty and is great on everything!! They sell the powder and I usually have some on hand to sprinkle on fresh fruit like pineapple and apple slices. It gives it an extra zing. Yummy!!

Diamond Bakery Cookies: Diamond Bakery is known all over Hawaii. They've been around since 1921. It's their soda crackers and cream crackers that they're really known for. When the creme crackers are pressed into little animal shapes, how can you resist them? I also love their Ruff n Ready cookies.
Mochi: Mochi is a Japanese treat. Sweet rice is pounded until it is smooth. It is then made into flat circular treats. Sometimes they are filled with delicious red bean paste or other creative fillings. These purple mochi are filled with peanut butter.

All I can say is double yum!!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Holly! You are showing all my fav stuff pickled mango, taro, lemon strip and never taste mochi with peanut butter inside. But it look so yummy!

Lrong said...

Purple mochi are filled with peanut butter?
Hmmm, think I had it before when I visited Hawaii some years back...
The color of the mango is really bright... wonder what ingredients were used to pickle it...

~Holly~ said...

malay-kadazan girl-You're my kinda girl! I totally pigged out on all these goodies while at home. Hee hee!

Lrong-Both the mochi and the pickled mango are colored that way due to food coloring. The mochi is usually white and food coloring is added to make it any color you wish. It's usually filled with other things but I love peanut butter and couldn't resist this treat!