Monday, May 2, 2011

Harvest Monday 5/2/11

I posted yesterday about my cold frame. The greens I had planted 2 weeks ago were growing really well.

I decided today would be my first non-lettuce/herb harvest of 2011. Since I had my camera, I thought I would snap a few photos of the slight differences between varieties I was growing. This is more for my reference.

This is the Winter Elf Chinese Cabbage. They have smooth leaves.

The other Chinese cabbage variety that I'm growing is Soloist. This one has a rougher texture to the leaves. As baby leaves, they were hairy. As they grow, they begin to lose their "hair".

Since they're starting to "bulb" up, I only harvested the large outer leaves as a cut and come again method. This gave them more elbow space and allows for the radishes that I planted in between to get some sun. They were completely blocked out due to the vigorous growing cabbage.

I also harvested some baby bok choy. The baby types are my favorite! Sorry the picture is at a weird angle. Only 2 whole heads were harvested. The rest were cut by individual leaves only to give more space and allow the plant to grow more.
I was also able to thin my pac choy and tatsoi by also cutting just individual leaves. Here's a side by side comparison of the leaves. From left to right: Baby bok choy, tatsoi and pac choy.
Here's my total harvest for today. I brought some mixed Asian greens over for my neighbor who kept an eye on my house while I was gone on vacation. She was so excited! She and I both!
Happy Harvest!!

**Edited to add my dinner for the night. I used my greens to make a pork meatball soup with Asian greens and rice noodles. It was delicious!! Stay tuned for the recipe to be posted this weekend**


Robin said...

Your asian greens look great! Isn't it nice to have good neighbors that also appreciate some fresh veggies??

Wendy said...

How gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Your greens look great!

Daphne said...

The soup looks just delicious. I'm loving my Asian greens too. They are just so tasty.

thyme2garden said...

Your asian greens look so vibrantly green and healthy! It was also very interesting to see comparisons of different cabbages and greens. I thought that my tatsoi and bok choy looked very similar last year because I couldn't get my tatsoi to rosette out the way they are supposed to. Thank you for sharing the pictures!