Friday, May 13, 2011

Hanapepe Farmer's Market (Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii)

One of the great things about Hawaii is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Farmer's Markets on Kauai are called "Sunshine Markets". There is one almost every day of the week. Here's a list of them:
- Monday: Koloa at the Knudsen Park on Maluhia Road @ 12PM
- Tuesday: Kalaheo at the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center on Papalina Road (off Kaumualii Hwy) @ 3:30PM
- Wednesday: Kapaa at the New Town Park (near the Bypass Road) at Kahau & Olehena Roads @ 3PM
- Thursday: Hanapepe at Hanapepe Park (next to the Fire Station) at 3PM
- Friday: Lihue at Vidinha Stadium on Hoolako Road @ 3PM
- Saturday: Kekaha at the Kekaha Neighborhood Center on Elepaio Road @ 9AM

There are also other independent Farmer's Markets on Kauai. You'll have to check information for when and where these are held.

My dad and I decided to check out the Hanapepe Sunshine Market. It's located next to the Hanapepe Fire Station, in the park. There were about a dozen or so vendors. People were there early. Some of the sellers allowed you to reserve your picks ahead of time and come back when the market officially opened to pay for them. Other stalls operated on a strict first come, first serve basis. The market starts at 3PM sharp. The market director will toot his car horn to signify the start of the market.

There were lots of pretty flowers at the market. Here were some potted orchids.
There were also lots of cut flowers. These orchids were especially pretty!

There was a wide assortment of tropical flowers to be found also.

The fresh fruits and vegetables were the biggest draw.

Eggplant, Green beans, Long Beans
Sunrise Papaya: This is my favorite papaya. It's funny because I never eat papaya on the mainland. I only eat it when I come home to visit. Nothing beats a fresh picked Hawaiian papaya.

I think these are Potato Leaves

Wing Beans


Red Beets

Biter melon

Mountain Apple

some kind of Squash
Apple Bananas

More Potato Leaves and Kalamungai Leaves
I've never heard of this but it's a fruit but the lady said it tastes like Kiwi fruit
Fiddlehead Ferns (Warabi)


Okinawan Sweet Potato

Yum!! I *heart* Kauai Farmer's Markets!!


Doc said...

We absolutely loved the farmers market there. The first two orchids in your pics are two that I that I have in my collection. The white Dendrobium is the most stunning white I have and the following Miltassia is a favorite of my wife’s.