Sunday, May 1, 2011

GTTC: Swiss Chard and Greens

Wendy's Garden To Table Challenge (GTTC) is on! I was worried because I haven't had much to harvest except salad greens this week. I've mostly been using them in salads. How boring!

Luckily I was craving noodles this week. I decided to make an easy and simple version of a somen salad. I cooked up some somen noodles and added some of my harvested lettuce, mizuna and spinach. I also had some left-over char sui (BBQ Chinese pork) so I added it to my salad. I used my old standby dressing that I love for quick somen salads and viola. A GTTC entry!

I loved the bite of the mizuna in this salad. Yummy!
Another meal I made this week was with swiss chard. My home grown swiss chard are still babies. However, they're still available in the stores and farmer's markets. I love swiss chard and they're not so bad to look at. How pretty!
I cooked up one of my favorite swiss chard side dishes, Swiss Chard with Bacon. I love the balsamic vinegar in this. It makes the dish spectacular. Oh, and the bacon too. We all know everything is better with bacon.
Thanks to Wendy for hosting the GTTC!


Wendy said...

You have great swiss chard recipes. I have some (big but not nearly as pretty) in the garden I have to figure out what to do with. I will try that chard and bacon.

It's funny b/c I've been craving both soba and somen, and this week, I also got myself a nice hunk of bbq roast pork (made a pineapple fried rice with it last night).