Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fruits and Flowers 5/18/11

Here's a quick tour of the fruits and some flowers out in the yard. My Raspberry maybe making berries this year afterall! Hooray! Fingers crossed! My raspberry is in a large container so I wasn't sure it would do much at all.

Beautiful Blueberry flowers. There's lots so I'm hoping they'll be some berries!

As I was taking these photos, I saw the first honeybees of the year (that I've noticed anyways). They were buzzing around and inside the flowers. Gooooo pollination!

An amazing thing happened today after these photos were taken. I was outside watering the plants in the evening when I got to this blueberry bush. I heard a scuttle from the base of the bush and I jumped back thinking it was a rat or something of that nature. Out buzzed a beautiful hummingbird. He (or she) was unafraid that I was standing so close. He buzzed up and down the blueberry bush attempted to get nectar from the flowers. I'm not sure he was very successful or not but he did it for quite some time. I was able to get quite close (I could have reached out and touched it) and he didn't even bat an eye. He buzzed closer to me to check things out. Then he flew to the raspberry bush to rest while I watered the blueberry bush. Then he came back and we bonded again. It was so fascinating just watching him buzz around up close and personal.

The Peonies are budding nicely.

My Lavender is also forming flowers. The bees love these guys so I'm hoping soon the garden will be abuzz with activity!

This is a Weigela that is going to flower soon. The hummingbirds love these flowers!


Robin said...

How cool to have a hummingbird so close to you. Your veggies look great...keep up the good work!

mac said...

MY hummers Buzz, Zipp, and Junior came home also (please allow me to fantasize they are the same birds from last year).

~Holly~ said...


mac-Of course they are the same Buzz, Zipp and Junior!! They always know their way home!