Sunday, May 22, 2011

Echinacea Plants

I was hoping to have some Echinacea (cone flowers) to plant in the yard this year. I like that the flowers are sturdy, pretty and perennial. I started seeds indoors in late February. These did not have the benefit of a heat mat or artificial light. Thus, growth was slow. This is what it looked like on May 8th. I say "it" because only 1 of 6 cells germinated. Boo!

I decided to buy plants. I found some at Territorial Seed Company on sale. It was still expensive, considering the shipping for live plants. They did, however, have 2 pretty varieties that I've never seed before. I also had to order a couple other things so it worked out okay.

I decided on a Tomato Soup and a Mama Mia. When I placed my order, it said these plants were backordered until the early June. Imagine my surprise when on Friday afternoon, I had a box waiting at my door. At first I thought it was my other half of the order. Boy am I glad I actually opened the box and didn't let it sit off to the side.

This is what they looked like all packed up.
So now I have my 2 Echinacea plants. I was reading up on their growing habits and it seems they don't like to sit in moist ground and don't like clay soil. Well BOO! That's what we have here, clay soil. I think I'll have to plant these in containers outside. They're small plants. I sure hope they flower this year!


Veggie PAK said...

I tried growing coneflowers from seed for two springs and had no luck. Whatever sprouted, died. Like you, I prefer the perennial plants.

Wendy said...

hmmm, my soil is pretty clayey and the echinacea does pretty well...wish you luck!

~Holly~ said...

veggie PAK-Yeah I was 1 for 6 with the seeds I tried to grow. I love the perennial plants. You don't have to worry about regrowing!

wendy-Thanks for the tips! Glad to know that you've had success growing them in clay soil. Maybe I'll compost well!