Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dad's Avocado Tree

**What the heck?? Okay I think this post was swallowed by the blogger universe. Reposting cause the original is somehow gone**

This is an avocado tree growing in my dad's yard. I saved the seed of an avocado way back in high school. I left it outside and miraculously, it grew roots and now is the lovely tree you see before you.
Fruits are starting to form. This avocado tree gives fruits at the end of August into September. Next time I'll have to time my visits to coincide. The fruit is large with a thin skin. The skin turns purple or black. The inside flesh is creamy and sweet.

My dad usually gets buckets and buckets of fruit from this tree. Enough to keep some and give lots away. Go avocados!!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I heard that avocado fruits take a long time to develop and mature. is this true? I wish I have an avocado tree!

julie said...

Immensely jealous about having an avocado tree! So exotic!!

~TastyTravels~ said...

malay-kadazan girl: I would say yes. If you plant an avocado tree, it'll be a long time before it fruits. This tree was planted while I was in high school so it's been at least 20 years.

the red headed traveler: Haha, yeah I'm jealous of him having an avocado tree. Like I said, I may have to plan my next trip when the avocado are ripe! Yum!

Malar said...

Wow! That's a huge tree indeed! I shall wait for 20 yrs? Very long wait!

~TastyTravels~ said...

malar-The tree has gotten really really big! I think it started producing fruit after 4-6 years. You won't have to wait for 20 years! Good luck with your tree!